Wine Tasting – Wines and Pairings

Man Chenin - Crisp, clean and expressive.  Aromas of baked apples and quinces, bold citrus and refreshing acidity.  Pair with a citrus chicken main dish.

Chateau Terre Blanque Bordeaux Superior 2010 - Notes of caramel, cassis and violet with light vanilla notes followed by silky tannins and long finish.  Pair with beef and blistered tomato on a skewer with balsamic reduction.

Sip Moscato - Delicate tropical fruits with aromas of peach and orange blossoms.  Pair with tasty romain lettuce and blue cheese dressing, crispy fried onions and bacon bits.

Franco Serra Dolcetto D’Alba 2015 - Red fruits, light florals and a touch of smoke.  Cranberry, raspberry, a touch of tobacco and moderate acidity.  Pair with pumpkin risotto

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